Anti-Entropy and the Mandelbrot set

One can argue that the Second Law is incomplete. Entropy always increases, if you draw a box around the process, such as “The egg fell off the table.” Voila, entropy. But how did the egg get on the table? It took four billion years of evolution to make that egg. And if you just left it alone, it would become a chicken.
There is a tremendous anti-entropy at work. The presence of the egg tells you that.
Anti-entropy (perhaps negative entropy is better term) is driving evolution. Statistically, evolution from dust into chickens, is a trillion times impossible.
Anti-entropy can be modeled by fractal math. The Mandelbrot Set gives you more and more texture the more you let it run. Now look at the surface of the Eath. A barren rock, eroding, eaten by entropy, according the Second Law? No, a branching paradise of greater and greater complexity. The living ecosystem eats entropy as well as energy. Alive systems look like fractals. Branching trees, leaf structure, vasculaur structure, nerve systems.
What is the source? God? I won’t argue for or against God. But look at the math. Non-alive systems are doomed by thermodynamics, in other words, statistics. But alive systems are quite simply not doomed. Alive systems eat energy, eat entropy, and evolve.
What does it mean to evolve? It means to continue, in other words, retain Identity, but to change over time.
Mandelbrot Sets are generated by the process z = z2 + c. This means z keeps changing its value. It sounds like cheating. How can z keep changing, yet stay z? Because it’s not an equation, it’s a process. We know it is a real process because we see fractals forming all around us, formed by living systems.
Is there something quantum in nature that can proceed as z = z2 + c? Yes, the carbon atom. Add carbon to carbon, and what do you get? Carbon. Now just add water. Carbon and hydrogen and oxygen. Yes, it’s a miracle that it is so stable, and so good at processing energy, that it can evolve. But evolve it did.
We have a bridge from quantum to classical, carbon chains. Put a bunch of helium in space, and you get helium. Put a bunch of carbon in space, add energy and water, and you get organic compounds. In space!
You may call it anthropic, but I would disagree. The fractal process is at work. It works with carbon atoms, uniquely, at the base. It works because carbon binds to carbon and is stable. Eventually carbon chains absorb both energy and entropy. Apparently, this process can run away. It did, here on Earth.
I would venture to say that the Second Law is exactly balanced by the Anti-Second Law, universally. If that be not the case, the Earth must be unique. That is also possible.